Sunday, June 20, 2004

Exocomputation in the Year 2304

It's been a while; are people still reading? I hope so.

Here's an abstract of Jaron Lanier's keynote at Onward!. It is one of the coolest sounding talks I've ever heard.
Exocomputing in the Year 2304: A Survey of Confirmed Alien Information Technologies

As more alien civilizations have been encountered in recent decades, a variety of exotic information technology strategies have come to light. It has often been difficult to analyze these technologies, as alien cognitive and social factors must be taken into account, and these are in themselves challenging to interpret. It is now becoming possible to present an overview of a variety of alien information technologies and to glean insights into how they might inform the future of human IT as well as what might be expected from future alien encounters.

You should register right now so you can see this talk live.


Anonymous said...

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2:32 AM  
Psybertron said...

Interesting person Jaron Lanier - I've just been reading his piece and all the established scientific criticism of it on The Edge.

4:13 PM  
Euthydemos said...

I saw Jaron speak at an Institute of Creative Expression (ICE) Seminar at the University of Georgia about 4 years ago. He spoke about the impermanence of digital media, MIDI and virtual art. It was a rambling, yet captivating, speech.

8:56 AM  

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