Monday, February 09, 2004

No Prince Henry

Here's my two least-favorite navigation tools found on the web: "Top of Page" and "Back." I dislike them for related reasons, that they compete with and thus subvert the navigational tools of the browser. The first is irritating because, although "Top of Page" does the exact same thing as moving the scroll bar, it does so by screwing around with the page history. As well, who doesn't know how to move the scroll bar? It also, and this is a big deal, makes the page more cluttered. Consider that "Top of Page" actually has no actual content, but is effectively highlighted by being a link.

"Back" is worse, because, unless it's a Javascripty thing, it probably doesn't go to the back that the "Back" button on the browser would take you to. That's confusing as well as irritating. In any case it's another set of redundant, cluttering, content-free links.