Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Real Map, 0.1

Just for kicks, I took a stab at making a Real Map for Europe. Why Europe? Well, it's much smaller than the whole world, and I also thought it would surprise people just how wrong our traditional names were. I think I was most surprised by Crna Gora, which in fact is Slavic for Black Mountain. So in some sense we got it right. And maybe, if you stretch things, you could get Croatia from Hrvatska. But where on earth did we get Georgia? Even the Russians (strangely, although the Russian word for Russia is Rossiya, the Russian word for Russian is Russki) call it something else.

Did anyone else watching the 1996 Olympics think that the home crowd cheered extra hard for the athletes from Sakartvelo? I guess we'll put an end to that, not to mention ruining a perfectly good Beatles lyric. Hmm.