Tuesday, August 05, 2003

What are you linked to?

Well, the Episcopalian bishop story is over (for now, at least), but this coverage from the normally with-it Boston Globe nearly drove me into a frothing rage:
Yesterday, a Globe reporter was able to get from the Outright home page to a site containing images of bisexuality, including explicit pictures of sexual acts, in six links.

Six links! Six links! Has this "Globe reporter" never seen Six Degrees of Separation? Or actually used the web? To slander someone because you can get from the web site of an organization that they once worked with, years ago, to a site with images of bisexuality (gasp!), taking six links to do it is not only criminal, it's incredibly dumb. (The original story is here, but in another stupid web trick, that link will only be good for a couple of days.