Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Foy-yuh Analysis

At dinner last night, I heard someone about doing a broad FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) analysis of the government. But he pronounced it Foy-yuh, and (it was noisy) I thought he said Fourier analysis. And suddenly I had this picture of doing a Fourier Transform on the US government, transforming it from our domain into some other domain in which it might make sense. Just like a Fourier Transform takes a noisy signal in the time domain and turns it into something in the frequency domain in which you can suddenly see strong spikes. So maybe you think that US government policy -- foreign policy, budget policy, (and to the point for Supernova) telecom regulatory policy -- doesn't make sense, but if there was some kind of Fourier transform that changes it to some other domain, maybe it would make sense. And maybe it's not just governments.

Next time someone does something that doesn't make sense to you, imagine a different domain in which it might.